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Columbus Cosmetic Dentist To Brighten Up Your Smile

The cosmetic dentist will be performing dental activities which are meant to improve the appearance of one's gum or teeth’s by employing the process of dental cosmetics or esthetics. These particular job is performed by experts and not just by people with some training, specialization or formal education. The cosmetic dentistry is not accredited or recognized by any association or government related body as the field of specialized dentistry.

The Columbus Cosmetic Dentist may remove or add dental materials such as veneers, crowns, bonding to gums or teeth. Some corrections performed by him are- closing of the gaps in between the teeth's, straightening the teeth devoid the aide of braces, lengthening of the short teeth's etc. However, the services of the cosmetic dentists that are employed widely are of teeth bleaching or whitening.

In the former days, the fillings were made out of mercury, amalgam, gold and any other materials which afterwards were finished with the porcelain materials. However, now-a-days the fillings are made out of compound materials or porcelain which resembles the natural tooth. The fillings are afterwards bonded up to base with the resin adhesives.

The cosmetic dentist specializes in reshaping the teeth by removing the parts of enamel for improving the appearance of the teeth. It might involve fixing up of any chip, changing of shape or by correcting jaggedness or the length or slope of the teeth.

The entire process is well known as the sculpting, contouring, stripping or enameloplasty. Reshaping can be done by applying the dental composite material to the surface of the tooth which is afterwards shaped, polished and hardened.

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Columbus Dental Implants and Its Benefits

The Dental implants are typically made out of titanium which are employed to restore the tooth's which are missing. These implants are deftly place at the root of the missing teeth and then are fused in the actual bone. It is completed with the incision in the patient's gums which is afterwards followed by the insertion of the actual implant. After the insertion of the dental implant, the gums are then sewed up and after the procedure time is allotted to heal the bones and gums appropriately. It can take several months to heal, but it is vital that the implant and the bone are strong to hold the tooth in its place.


Before starting any of the procedures, it is vital that an individual should make a consultation with the dentist. In the primary stage, the cosmetic dentist, and generally a periodontist, will be examining the area which requires the implants. During the examination of your mouth, they will ascertain that there is sufficient bone left for supporting the process. If the bone is not enough, they will have the bone grafting process.

Benefits of the Dental Implants

Unlike the bridges or dentures, the dental implants are permanent and have a long life. While bridges also have long life, they depend on the other teeth to stay at a particular place. However, the implants are the best among the prosthetic teeth. As they are placed in the root of the tooth missing, they are considered as a natural and a normal replacement for your real tooth.

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Reasons to Consult A Implant Dentist Columbus

If you have done every possible thing to take care of your dental health but still wind up with the need to consult the services of a dentist to make yourself more attractive, perhaps you need to consult a cosmetic dentist. This expert specializes and helps in improving the look and smile of your teeth. They will provide you with different dental options to aide in increasing your overall look.

One of the usual performed procedures by a cosmetic dentist is that of the teeth whitening services. By employing the bleaching techniques and products, the teeth of a patient can be made whiter and brighter than previously they were. Several individuals take benefit of this particular service for improving their teeth color and to get rid of the stains.

The cosmetic dentists can also be great assistance to the patients who are missing some of their teeth. There are several procedures and prosthetics accessible which can be helpful in replacing the missing tooth.

Usual replacements are the implants, dentures and the other prosthetic procedures which can provide you with an entire new set of the realistic looking teeths. Bear in mind that there are some replacements wherein the patient has to undergo oral surgeries.

For example, the dental implants needs that oral surgeries so that the specialist can implant screws in your jaw bone and gums for the proper placement of the implants.

Since, this type of an expert can help in improving your looks considerably, it is vital that you should opt for a dentist whom you can entirely rely upon.

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